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LifeWise Academy


Elida Immanuel Church is excited to be partnering with LifeWise Academy as they continue their ministry in the Elida School system for grades 1-4, with hopes of expanding to other grade levels as time and resources allow. 


LifeWise Academy is a part of the Stand for Truth ministry of Joel Penton that ministers to grade school, middle school, and high school students all around the country. It is part of the Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) program where students can be released from school during the day for instruction in the Bible.


1 - We Keep It Legal

LifeWise Academy is keenly aware of the need to keep public and religious institutions separate. We are diligent to adhere to relevant laws and policies, namely the maintenance of a program that is (1) privately funded, (2) off school property, and (3) inclusive of only students with parental permission.


2 - We Keep It Simple

LifeWise Academy focuses on the central messages of the Bible. We avoid getting bogged down in the finer points of religious doctrine. Instead, we focus on the most foundational themes that speak to the issues common to all people.


3 - We Keep It Practical

LifeWise Academy seeks to create real and lasting change for students, schools, and communities. We continually look for ways to make instruction not only conceptual, but also actionable.



About LifeWise Academy

Our Mission - What We Do

The LifeWise Academy mission is “to positively impact students, schools and communities by providing a Bible-based, character-focused Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) program.”


RTRI is a legal program by which religious education is accessible to public school students during the school day, allowing them to leave school (with parental permission) to attend off-site classes which are both academic and religious in nature.



Our Philosophy - Why We Exist

For The Good Of Students

LifeWise Academy serves students by offering practical Bible-based education for the betterment of students' academics and character. Independent research has documented that students participating in RTRI programs do better academically (GPA) and have fewer behavioral problems than those students who do not participate. We believe all students can benefit from the message of the Bible and take great care to make all instruction relatable and helpful to those without a church or Christian background.


For The Good Of Public Schools

LifeWise Academy serves schools by offering a program which improves students’ academic performance and classroom behavior. Additionally, public schools with a local RTRI program can attract religious families who may opt out of public education for lack of religious instruction. LifeWise Academy is careful in adhering to federal, state and district policies and flexible in coordinating with school officials, remembering that we are serving them, not vice versa.



For The Good Of Communities

LifeWise Academy serves communities through our investment in creating better citizens. We welcome partnership with like-minded individuals and organizations who desire to positively impact rising generations.



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